London Investments

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing…is not start nothing”

About London Investments

London Investments is a consulting firm, with specialization in two big areas, the Advice and Financial Management and Consulting Services to global Real Estate.
On the one hand, we are dedicated to negotiate and manage financing to our clients, whether individuals or companies, adapting to each need, and on the other hand we act in the market of Real Estate providing comprehensive solutions to our partners and customers, both in the intermediation as in the advice and portfolio management.
Our challenge is to continue delivering superior results and real solutions that are in tune with the market.
Therefore in London Investments we do things differently, because every one of our partners and customers are different. With a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the financial sector and real estate, and as independent consultants, we operate in the market in a unique form that allows us to offer a range of strategic services and expertise that make the difference in the traditional area of consulting.


London Investments is a perfectly regulated society that operates in the financial sector and real estate.
In the area of financial intermediation London Investments works under the framework of the law 2/2009 of March 31, complying with all the regulations in force and is registered in the State Register of financial intermediaries.


Our Partners

In London Investments, we have very clear with whom we are and we must be working in the day to day.
In the financial area and in order to offer our customers real solutions and the best, we work hand in hand with the best financial institutions, banks and entities of non-conventional financing with operational in Spain, becoming their best Partners to the hour of filtering all types of financial transactions and real estate agents, this allowing us to offer our customers a wide range of products and services in the area of financing.
In the area of Real Estate and aware of the different investment needs, we build strong partnerships with investment groups, ensuring their investment and profitability, becoming their best Partners.

Our Team

In London Investments our team is our business and our greatest asset.

Our team consists of a variety of professionals from banking, real estate consultants , architects and professionals in the legal and economic environment .



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