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In London Investments we have consolidated with a multidisciplinary team consisting of architects, lawyers, auditors, economists, engineers and product specialists, who advise our clients in all phases of the cycle of real estate business with experience in corporate operations of M&A Real Estate, and selling of real estate and portfolios of real estate assets that allow us to advise all the actors of the Real Estate.

Our services are focused on helping our customers to reduce risks, overcome the financial and operational difficulties and to develop and implement strategies, with the objective to obtain better results and respond to the challenges of the sector.

We emphasize the following services:


Brokerage M & A, asset sale

  • Unique assets either as direct sale of immovable property or in format comes out&Lease.
  • Portfolios awarded REOs (Real Estate Owned), either distressed real estate, bank assets or assets in a normal situation (performing or non performing assets)
  • Debt portfolios REDs (Real Estate Developer), retail mortgages (mortgage debt) or corporate debt.
  • Buying and selling of societies.
  • Strategies divestment of real estate assets
  • Analysis and structuring corporate strategies; Socimis, FABS.
  • Search for funding.
  • Valuation of assets and loans asset
  • Real estate consultancy in general (market studies, etc).


Asset Management

Asset Managment is a service of London Investments that meet all the needs that are generated in a real estate portfolio. We generate value in the assets through the proper management of the same.
We centralize the management of real estate assets and manage in an integrated manner the exploitation of assets and companies that are part of the investment structure of each client.

We hire, we coordinate and oversee on behalf of the property the services provided by the different agents, Property Managers, Local Marketing, accountants, tax advisers and other collaborators, all of them necessary for optimal management, increasing the quality and added value to ensure maximum performance of each asset real estate.
We focused the management to the extent of the real estate of each client, microdisplay viewfinder’s, through five major areas of management:

  • Management of leasing contracts.
  • Customer Care and marketing.
  • Technical Management.
  • Explotation accounting
  • Company accounting.


Technical Management

We offer our customers a personalised service with specific solutions for each product, integrated analysis, technical management, marketing and sales service for your real estate assets in order to equip them with viability and profitability.


  • Studies of technical, economic and financial feasibility
  • Studies of safety and health
  • Structure calculations
  • Optional addresses
  • Technical assistance for the procurement of works
  • Monitoring and control of costs, deadlines, quality, project managment security
  • Expert reports in judicial proceedings
  • Valuation opinions of works Architecture expert
  • Public works appraisals
  • Valuations


  • Legal Studies-urban real estate, plots and land to assess the feasibility of projects, through the analysis and diagnosis of buildings and land prior to the purchase.
  • Management and processing of licenses
  • Records Management discipline
  • Urban demolition orders
  • Records management ruin of restoration to the legality of illegal works outside of management
  • Records management legalization
  • Drafting of contracts in the field of urban planning and construction
  • Management and coordination of projects
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