In London Investments we orient our services into three large groups:

Individuals and companies

Financial Institutions and Banks

Particular investors, Funds and Investment Groups


Individuals and Companies

Under the umbrella of our brand Crediacces® and has extensive experience in the industry of financial intermediation, we offer to our customer financial solutions to measure, with a custom consulting service, managing and negotiating the financing required in each time depending on the type of need, using the following products and services:

  • Personal Loans
  • Mortgages real estate
  • Urgent money
  • Private Capital – Crowlending
  • Solutions to Rai, seizure, auctions, Asnef
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Loan refinancing
  • Debt Grouping extensions
  • Enlargements of mortgages
  • Corporate Finance
  • Debt restructuring
  • With unpaid social security, finance and embargoes
  • Discount promissory
  • Factoring
  • ICO, ENISA, BEI Lines

If you are looking for financing, whatever your need, please contact us and we will assign you a specialized consultant who will answer all your needs and questions.


Financial Institutions and banks

  • Collection Service to clients in need of financing, whether companies or individuals, filtering each operation risk according to the criteria of each entity, thus generating more business to the same.
  • Service Cancellation of unpaid bills. We analyze the failed files, offering to the entities cancel the debt, posing a external refinancing or through the purchase of the same.
  • Buying Service assets. We studied the purchase of bank assets from executions, whether in profitability, with problems of occupation, awaiting completion of work or buildings without occupants.

If you work in the banking sector and believe we can bring value to your entity we will be happy to set up an alliance. Please contact with our company.


Particular investors, funds and investment groups

In London Investments we are in constant search for new investors with interest in the real estate finance sector , offering solutions very profitable investment, through investment in mortgage products or purchase of real estate assets. Very safe investment and with real guarantee.

Investment in Private mortgages

As entity perfectly regulated by Law 2/2009 of March 31, lending by private capital, we offer our investors investment products with a high profitability, by investing in mortgages aimed at individuals and businesses.

Features and guarantees of investment mortgages

  • Safe investment with real guarantees.
  • High profitability.
  • Operations strictly analyzed.
  • Interest paid monthly, quarterly or annual.
  • Management of all the procedures up to the formalization of the operation.
  • Portfolio Management and contact with the end customer.

Investment in real estate assets

Depending on the level of investment and the investor preferences we offer:

  • Search and Selection of investment opportunities.
  • Analysis of the legal, technical, financial and real estate of the same.
  • Solutions and definition of the acquisition strategy.
  • Negotiation and determination of the economic offer.
  • Negotiation and support in the channels of funding.
  • Advice during the entire negotiating process up to the formalization of the transaction.
  • Asset Manangment

If you want more information about the way we work with investors please contact us and we will explain how we can maximize your capital.

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